Backflow Prevention Program

The Village of Olympia Fields developed this cost share program to assist property owners that have experienced at least one backflow event, involving sewage from the sanitary sewer system, with the installation of a backflow prevention system.

The Village is served by separate sewer systems which carry sanitary sewage and storm water in separate piping systems. The Village’s sanitary sewer system has more than adequate capacity to convey sanitary flow. However, during intense rains, storm water can enter the sanitary sewer system, receiving water through sources such as private storm water sources, and sometimes causing backflow through house laterals (also referred to as building drains) into basements where there is no backflow prevention. A high percentage of this storm water originates from roof drainage/downspouts, foundation drains and sump pump systems connected to a private sewer lateral and/or Village’s sanitary sewer system. As a condition to participate in this cost share program, these sources of storm water must be disconnected from the Village’s sanitary sewer system. Village Code prohibits the discharge of storm water into sanitary sewers.

Participation in this program is based on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of 10 homes per year eligible.

Download the packet here.