Beautification Enhancement Program

Grant Application Period (March/2023 – April/2024)

Landscape Grant Program:

Support, improve and transform the common areas of landscape for the Home Owner Associations (HOA) of the Village of Olympia Fields. The desired partnership between the HOA and Beautification Committee/Village of Olympia Fields, would aid in the beautification and landscape improvements of common areas.   

What are the goals of the Landscape Grant Program?

To support and encourage the beautification of Olympia Fields.

 Who is eligible to apply?

Village of Olympia Fields Home Owner Associations:

ArcadiaLakes of OlympiaSuburban Woods
GraymoorMaynegaiteTraditions of Olympia Fields
The GreensOlympia ClubThe Trails of Olympia Fields
Greens of Olympia Fields TownhomesOriginal VillageVienna Woods
Hawthorne HillsOlympia Fields EastWysteria

What will be funded?

  • Applying for the grant does not guarantee funding.
  • The project location must conform to the Department of Public Works guidelines. (i.e. regulatory issues, easements/utility concerns must be addressed)
  • The required irrigation and planting plans must be approved prior to the purchase of products/plants and installation of the products or plants in order to receive funding.  Irrigation equipment and/or plants that have already been installed are not eligible for grant funding. 
  • Up to 100% of the cost of the project, not to exceed $3,000.
  • The grant is a reimbursement grant, half of the award paid upon initial receipt and approval of landscape plan, and the remaining award remitted at completion.  Invoices to substantiate costs will be required for all reimbursements.
  • Projects must be completed within 180 days of the grant award to receive the entire funding.  Partial funding for incomplete projects will not be permitted.

What is the process to apply for the grant?

  1. Fill out the attached one-page Landscape Grant Application.
  2. Attach photos of the existing landscape and write on the photos the areas that you plan to re-landscape as part of this grant project.
  3. Fill out the Itemized Budget Form.
  4.  Submit 2 copies of the following plans.  Upon approval, you will receive one  stamped  copy:
    1. Landscape design plan – include all the plants by scientific name and common name, size, and location.
    2. Hydrazone plan and matrix – the groups of plants by watering needs, microclimate, sun/shade, and/or slope; the watering needs of the plants, etc.

Why do I need to do all this work just to put in some plants?

This is an investment in the HOA’s property and community, where you will see the benefits in a very short amount of time.   Proper design and installation will ensure that you get the garden you are expecting.  

 When will I know if I got the grant?

Applicants will be notified upon approval of application, budget and submitted plans.  Incomplete plans will not be reviewed nor funded.

When do I start the project?

Applicants can begin work after notification by letter that the grant has been awarded.

Do I need inspections of the project?

You must contact “JULIE” (1-800.892.0123) prior to planting so the companies can come out and make sure you are digging in a safe location.

Final inspection when all plants have been installed and submission of photos of finished landscape project before remittance of final funding.  Invoices to substantiate cost will be required for all reimbursements.

 Call Public Works (708-503-8200) to schedule your inspection. This will be done within 72 hours during normal business hours.

 Beautification Committee member, Belinda Lowry ( is available for consultation if desired.