Community Relations

The Village of Olympia Fields wants everyone to live a great life. The Community Relations Commission is focused on promoting a great quality of life with emphasis on diversity as a major strength. 

Through initiatives, activities, news and events, the Community Relations Commission aims to facilitate cooperation, understanding and respect among neighbors and residents.

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Discover Olympia Fields' Featured Business of the Month


Olympia Fields Thanks Bizios Fresh Market For Offering Quality Products and Personalized Customer Service

Bizios Fresh Market, a family-owned and operated grocery store at 3446 Vollmer Road in Olympia Fields, is committed to quality and customer service. Opened in 2008, Bizios goes a step above basic daily essentials to also provide customers with a selection of specialty, gourmet, gluten-free and organic products.

"We care about feeding the community food that we would eat. We offer a better-quality product and homemade cooking and recipes," says Manager Nick Bizios.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Bizios adapted quickly. "We took action right away.," says Nick Bizios. "For us, the managers are owners so we're hands-on. We weren't equipped for curbside pickup, but a customer called and asked us, so we figured it out."

Local businesses are flexible to customers' needs and can make adjustments, request products or handle requests. "We get to know customers at a personal level," says Nick Bizios. "It's a community– it's really a family."

Small businesses play a central role in building a strong community. Business owners get to know the community and the people in it and care about providing personalized service and quality products. Remember to support local businesses and help contribute to the strong Olympia Fields community. 

Recognize Olympia Fields Country Club Evans Scholar Kelly Pawlak

Kelly Pawlak

Olympia Fields Offers Programs That Give Youth and Adolescents a Great Start in Life

Kelly Pawlak, Rich Township High School Class of 2017, became an Evans Scholar and caddied at Olympia Fields County Club. She recently graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism and plans to pursue a career in public relations. 

The Caddie program at Olympia Fields Country Club has been a tradition at the club since its founding in 1915. Each year, 300 plus caddies came to loop at Olympia Fields. Participants aged from 13 to 70 years old.

To get the job as a caddie at Olympia Fields, applicants must have a strong work ethic. They must be articulate, personable, respectful and curious enough to learn about golf.

Explore Architecturally Significant Buildings Throughout the Village


Olympia Fields is a Beautiful Village in the South Suburbs

Discover architecturally significant buildings throughout the village, including the Iron Oaks Environmental Discovery Center, the Park District's Sargeant Means Park and the Olympia Fields Country Club, named by the American Institute of Architects as one of the “150 Best Places in Illinois”, the only golf club so recognized. 

Olympia Fields also boasts many professional-grade private homes of architectural significance that have been published and recognized. Drive through the 15 neighborhoods and explore homes including the mid-century modern 1958 Edward Dart homes at 98 Graymoor Lane, 4 Graymoor Lane and 27 Graymoor Lane, Edward Humrich home at 13 Graymoor Lane and the 1960s modernist glass house by H.P. Davis Rockwell at 20841 Oak Lane Road.