K-9 Unit

K9 Lars was appointed to the Olympia Fields Police Department on December 14, 2009 after successful completion of a multi-faceted training program including obedience, area search, tracking, building search, aggression control, narcotics detection and handler protection. K9 Lars and his handler Sergeant Scott Metzger faithfully served the Village for 7 years and have been credited with multiple life saving tracks of people in distress and in need of assistance, the detection of large amounts of illegal narcotics, the recovery of currency associated with narcotics sale and distribution, and the apprehension of numerous criminal suspects fleeing or attempting to avoid capture.

K9 Lars was an integral part of building searches and other tactical operations providing an increased level of officer safety. K9 Lars participated in many public education demonstrations for community events and always exemplified the very best in what a law enforcement utility K9 can and should be.

After a short but severe illness, K9 Lars was humanely euthanized Sunday April 3,16 while he was at home with his handler Sgt. Metzger and his family. Although for now we may find ourselves apart, and we have lost a valuable team member, Lars’ dedication and spirit will be forever within our hearts. Our Department and our Village are better because of his time with us.

We have one fight, we are one team and we are one family - please keep K9 Lars, Sergeant Metzger and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

K-9 Lars