Village of Olympia Fields

Where People Make the Village

The Village is governed by a board of trustees comprised of a Village President and six Trustees, who are elected at large.  The Village employs a full time Village Administrator who provides administrative oversight to all departments and operations.

The Administrator provides regular recommendations to the Village President and the Board of Trustees on all policy matters, managing all programs and activities as directed by Board action.  In addition the Administrator's office manages all long range planning activities, implementation of strategic initiatives and coordinates the Village's economic development program.

The Village employs 39 full-time and 10 part-time personnel.   Village services include police protection, water and sewer system operation and maintenance and street repair and maintenance.  Fire and EMS services are contracted out to the City of Chicago Heights.

The Police Department consists of 18 full-time officers, four part-time officers, two full-time clerks and two part-time clerks.  Police Department operations include an Enhanced 911 telephone system working in conjunction with SouthCom, a joint dispatch center, with three other communities, located in Matteson and serving a population of 50,000 people.

Fire Department services are contracted from the City of Chicago Heights which employs 65 full-time career firefighters and 25 part-time firefighters.  It operates five fire stations and covers approximately 12.2 combined square miles providing fire suppression and emergency medical services. Learn more about their services at

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