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"Government cannot solve our problems, it can't set our goals, it cannot define our vision...Only a true partnership between government and the people can ever hope to reach these goals."    President Jimmy Carter

Unlike many other communities, the process of governance in Olympia Fields is characteristically different.  In Olympia Fields we take pride that our policies and programs are vetted through an intricate and comprehensive system of citizen-based committees.  Olympia Fields has a host of volunteers that deliberates on an array of public policy issues ranging from the educational performance of our school districts to the economic development and financial welfare of our community.  Much like words of our former President, we have achieved a record of success producing a level of excellence far surpassing other local governments, because of the true partnership between local government and the people that make up this great Village.  This principal has been a tenet of our system of governance.  It is an attitude that guides each and every decision, which we as your Board of Trustees, make on your behalf. 
As your Village President, I am confident and proud to outline a record of achievements of our Village that demonstrate our strengths, our character and our commitment to continually deliver to you the most professional, efficient and effective delivery of municipal services that you have grown to expect.

  • The Village has promoted a series of “Public Private Partnerships” to achieve local objectives while saving Village taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    • $750K from Advocate Medical logo licensing agreement which afforded the repainting of our two water towers without the use of tax dollars or water fees.
    • $2.3M East-West Water Extension and Country Club Drive Road Repaving Project with the Olympia Fields Country Club achieved without the necessity of property taxes or residential water fees.
  • Sponsored the dedication of private roadways in the Greens Townhomes, Wysteria Subdivision, and Oak Lane Dr. eliminating the financial burden and liability of our fellow homeowners from maintaining their subdivision streets.
  • Established the Village’s First Tax Increment Financing District to incent and attract “Class A” retail within the Lincoln/ Western Corridor.
  • Secured $505K State grant to complete the road, storm water management, sidewalks and street trees within the Traditions Subdivision which was defaulted by the developer.
  • Secured a $505,750 Federal Transportation Grant to install pedestrian safety improvement along 207th Street and Governors Highway to the Park District’s new Tolentine Park.
  • Sponsored and advocated the passage of our local referendum authorizing electrical aggregation, affording our residents up to a 30% savings in their monthly energy costs.
  • Maintaining our Sanitary Sewer System to avoid costly violations with the MWRD, Illinois EPA and US EPA. Subsidizing our Village sewer rate payers by hundreds of thousands of dollars by the use of State Grants and State Sponsored zero Interest Loans.
  • To push our seven school districts toward the path of educational excellence.  The Village has created by Ordinance one of the first local Educational Commissions who is working on a 13 point strategic plan to monitor and improve the performance of the public schools that serve our children.
  • Economic Development:  My administration will continue work to bring quality "Class A” retail to our retail corridors and shopping centers. Professional office, commerce and entrepreneurial opportunities will be expanded.
  • Partnerships for Success:  We will achieve a new partnership with our Park District and Irons Oaks to increase the cooperation between our two agencies and ensure that we are delivering the programs, activities and recreational opportunities that are meaningful to you and your family.
  • Fiscal Sustainability: A commitment to deliver to you, the highest level of services at the lowest cost to our residents and business partners.  We will continually exploring revenue enhancement, revenue capture, entrepreneurial, and grant opportunities to expand our services to residents at no cost or reduced cost to our taxpayers.
  • Professionalism, Openness, Transparency, and Accountability: I pledge to you to increase the level of communication between you, our Board and our administrative team, who are committed to serving you always to the best of their abilities.
  • Citizen Engagement:  I have set a goal to increase citizen involvement, volunteerism, participation and input in our decision making process at all levels to better represent your needs and future direction of our Village.
  • High School District Partnership:  Recognizing that our community is conspicuously tied to the level of success of our School Districts, in coordination with the Educational Commission, I will work with the Superintendent and the new School Board to move our high school to higher levels of performance and on the right path to excellence. 
  • Quality of Life:  I will seize every opportunity to plan, build and expand our community's sense of place; enhancing the beauty of our streets, corridors, neighborhoods and property values.
  • Public Safety: I will maintain and continue to deliver the highest level of professionalism and responsiveness of our Police Department and the Chicago Heights Fire Department.

We can achieve this and more because of the involvement of our citizens in every element of local government. We produce new ideas, refine and improve our public policy and programs because of the dedication and commitment of our citizen volunteers and homeowner association groups. We deliver “out of the box thinking”, innovation and excellence because of our commitment to recruit, retain and support a team of professional pubic administrators to manage our Village.  Working together we are more than a Village.  We represent a partnership of progress to the long term sustainability of our Village.  In Olympia Fields our motto that “People Make a Village” is more than a slogan….it’s a way of doing business!

As your Village President, I commit to you that Olympia Fields will continue to be a regional leader in the Chicagoland.  I will uphold the standards of honesty and integrity that characterizes this community.  In service to you, I will continue to be accessible to hear your ideas and concerns and will ensure that our Board of Trustees are always representing the majority interests of our community.

Debbie Meyers-Martin
Village President

Executive Assistant:
Gladys Foster

Phone: (708) 503-8000
Fax: (708) 503-8200

Board of Trustees

Arthur Byrd
Term Expires 2017

Carolyn Gibson
Public Safety
Term Expires 2019

Howard O. Robinson
Human Resouces
Term Expires 2017

Willett Hudson
Term Expires 2019

Willis Pennington Jr.
Planning and Zoning
Term Expires 2019

Cassandra J. Matz

Term Expires 2017

To reach any of the Trustees, please leave a message at 708 503-8000 or email them at

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