Village Administrator

With over 33 years of municipal management, planning, and economic development experience, David A. Mekarski, AICP, delivers to his community expertise in plan preparation, strategic analysis, program development, implementation success and professionalism in public administration. Working with over eight mid-sized and small communities throughout the United States, Mr. Mekarski has achieved a sustainable record of accomplishments producing success for the governing authorities and their constituency; while improving their community’s quality of life.

Certified Planner

As a Certified Planner with the American Planning Association (APA-AICP), Mr. Mekarski brings an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science, a Masters of Science Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, a second Masters Degree in Public Administration, and a Fellowship from Harvard University from the John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government.


Working with numerous boards, commissions, and community groups throughout the country Mr. Mekarski has the requisite skills to perform both the technical requirements for plan development, strategic economic analysis and implementation; while fulfilling the legal requirements and expectations of the community to be informed and partake in a democratic deliberative process.